I help entrepreneurs and individuals connect with their heart and soul so they live & work from love, connection and abundance.

Do you feel it’s time to occupy your space?

To step into your true potential?

Own your life story?

Embody your wisdom?

But are you still holding yourself back?

Gordon Volckmer

Do you long for this:

  • Feel the distinction between who you really are, what belongs to you now and what no longer fits?
  • Connecting even deeper with all your soul qualities?
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine energy?
  • Be fully present in the here and now and in yourself?
  • Being able to connect with others even deeper?
  • Making a big shift in consciousness?
  • Create a life and/or business from who you are at the deepest level?

That is what happens when you do the Work me

My approach

I have no set method other than to put my feelings, reason, intuition and 25 years of experience at your service in a personal conversation. I will ‘read’ your energy in a split second. This is only possible if I have no judgement about what I experience. We discuss and feel together who you are, what your wishes and greatest strengths are. Initially, I mainly ask questions that trigger and activate you rather than give answers. Because I like to let those come from your own feelings, wisdom and heart. And they do come. Very naturally and with playful ease because I feel those connections in you and help you feel them yourself.

I work online, and offline in downtown Utrecht, and also enjoy taking coach walks.


It's much more fun to listen to your own heart than to someone else's thoughts

For whom:

Business owners

  • Connect with your higher self and your purpose here on earth.
  • Get to know and harness your soul qualities in your business.T
  • Take a deep dive into your subconscious.
  • Look through your ingrained patterns and old beliefs and clear them.
  • Embrace what you can let go of.
  • Break through what is still keeping you small.
  • Go "next level" in your development as a person and as an entrepreneur.
  • Let your business and marketing reflect your values and soul
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Private individuals

  • Connect with your heart, soul and higher self.
  • Experience contact with your guides and helpers
  • Look at yourself in a mirror of love.
  • Clear your stuck patterns and old beliefs.
  • Turn painful experiences into unconditional love.
  • Go "next level" in your spiritual development.
  • Live your life according to your blueprint
If you feel this is what you need, click the button.

What others are saying

When Not?

  • In case of severe psychological problems, profound addiction problems or if you use emotion-suppressing medication or drugs.
  • Also if you still experience great resistance or have great difficulty surrendering to healing.
  • Moreover, it is not recommended for people who have no affinity for introspection, self-examination and emotional processes, given the profound nature of the experience.

Then it might be better to soften for a while first, thus becoming lighter, and giving more loving attention to your body and your feelings.

Why Gordon?

I can see you

I can see and feel who someone really is. I can see your soul qualities, I can see the immense love you carry. I can feel your strength. And I can see where you are still holding yourself back, where you are hindering your growth.

Experience the simplicity, neutrality and non-judgement of love

I look at you with unconditional love and immediately connect energetically with your whole being and can therefore give you the directions you need to continue your path.

Your investment

120 minutes

Business owners
229 Excluding VAT

120 minutes

Private individuals
229 Including VAT

three 120-minute sessions

Business owners
599 Excluding VAT

three 120-minute sessions

Private individuals
599 Including VAT

About Gordon

With two feet on the ground. Body, Mind and Soul


My name is Gordon Volckmer and I am the founder of the spiritual platform Nieuwetijdskind Magazine. I love to write. In addition, I am mostly busy organising spiritual events and working with people who (want to) follow their heart and soul. Not only through my platform, but also in the form of coaching, reading and healing. Mostly entrepreneurs, and occasionally I have space for individuals.

Ever since I was born, I have felt that all people are connected. To me, we are all one. It did take me a while to understand what I felt inside, because I didn’t see it much around me, this unity consciousness. I have over 10 years of experience as a manager and coach of large teams within multinationals and publishing companies, and I worked in disability care for six years. In 2009, I founded Nieuwetijdskind. It was the spiritual website I found myself missing when I looked around. With the objective at the time to connect spirituality in the Netherlands and Belgium and to “make it normal”. Without a revenue model, by the way, because I wanted it to come to the Netherlands and Belgium with all my heart and soul. And within a few years I had many millions of visitors in my living room. By now in 2023, more than 60 million!

A burnout in 2014 made me decide to become a full-time entrepreneur and turn my child into a business. Thanks to New Time Child, I have been able to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and give their loving work a stage. Not just editorially. I have been able to organise hundreds of spiritual events and workshops, live and online, for more than 30,000 visitors, together with people who personally and actively want to make a difference in this world. Co-Creation. I have also made all the mistakes an entrepreneur can make, I am happy to tell you about them because I can laugh about them now. Without lessons, there are no successes. I experience it as an immense wealth to be able to connect daily and professionally with all that love around me. To be able to facilitate it and surround it with care.

I work with people who (want to) follow their heart and soul. People who want to have impact with their work because in doing so they contribute to a more beautiful loving world with ever-increasing awareness. People who are ready for the next step, which comes naturally when you know how to put your own heart and feeling first. I help you feel that deeply, in such a way that it stays with you.

I value grounded spirituality. With two feet on the earth. Body, Mind and Soul. I believe that if you want to follow your heart and soul in your work and private life, self-actualisation is an attractive answer. By being your true authentic self, and living from there, you attract what really suits you and naturally start doing what you came to do. I can feel that blueprint and I am happy to support you in this.

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